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Yes, we offer you all the traditional services of an accounting firm but we understand that there is so much more that can be done to help you reach your ideal profits and an improved lifestyle.

Things like management, marketing, customer service, team retention, working processes and business building strategies. Our Business Development services are designed to offer you this extra support to help make your business better, more profitable and more valuable.

To best serve your needs, you can select any combination of business services. Of course all aspects of these are tailored to your specific needs.

Accounting and Tax Services

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...Tax filings and compliance services.

This is what every individual or business person has to have done, just to "comply" with the tax laws and banking agreements. It includes Income Taxes for Federal (and States, if needed), and the assortment of other matters Governments or Banks require of you.


1. Telephone or e-mail assistance to your current bookkeeper or Financial Officer in maintaining your Accounting System.

     Quickbooks and Microsoft Office Accounting support


2. Telephone, mail or e-mail advice on financial & tax matters to business owners.


3. Maintain basic accounting system from client provided information.

     Input or adjust and complete your records
     Reconcile bank and credit card accounts
     Prepare adjustments to record
          Loan transactions
          Asset sales and purchases
     Multi currency accounting for foreign transactions


4. Financial statements -- personal or business


5. Tax returns

     Federal Tax Return Preparation

          Individual 1040
          Business - Partnerships, LLCs, Corporations
          Trust and Estates - 706, 709, 1041


               Foreign Account Reporting

               Foreign ownership of US entities

     All states (resident or nonresident)
     Nevada and Clark County
          Sales Tax
          Personal property declaration
               Handle state or workers' compensation insurance audits

6. Representation - WE talk to them, not you

     Respond to tax correspondence
     Speak to tax authorities
     Handle audits

Planning Back to contents

Sounding Board and Catalyst - Talk it over


Most business people have only a 'hazy' vision for the future of their business. To really achieve improvements it's important to turn that vision into a crystal clear picture. From there you can work back to where you are today, identifying all the strategies you need to implement to achieve your goals. Often the simple act of verbalizing the issues will focus your action.


Should I or shouldn't I?

       Transaction Planning

       Major and minor equipment and vehicle purchases


Hiring & firing

       Confidential staff search (advertising, prescreen, interviews)



       Staffing levels & pay

       Track the key indicators


Purchase, sale, merger & dissolution

     You don't know what you don't know... we have experience in business creation and change.

       Review and assist with the deal points and language.


Borrowing assistance

       Cash flow projections - how much to borrow and will the banker agree?

       Lease or buy


Tax planning & projection

       Tax implications and alternatives

       How much to pay and when

       Determination of the owner's paycheck and proper withholding

One Time Projects Back to contents

Use our expertise to help solve other common business problems. One-time projects include business or practice startup services, business transaction planning or any number of special situations where we can help improve the performance or profitability of your business.


Transaction planning

Prepare for major business transactions or business strategy changes such as purchase or sale of a business, merger of practices or a divorce (business or personal).


Written business plan

Prepare a written business plan for use with key employees, advisors, banks and others.


Bank financing assistance

We can assist you in obtaining bank financing by preparing projected financial statements and introductions to local lenders.


Business startup services

We can assist you by coordinating with your legal team (or ours) to prepare the appropriate documents for corporations or other limited liability entities. We can also apply for all federal and state payroll tax accounts, prepare an S corporation election (if needed) and we can help you obtain a business license.


We can write and place employment ads and pre-screen applicants. Other advice is available on an ad hoc basis as a general business or financial advisor during the startup phase.


Set up and conversion of accounting systems

As a QuickBooks Professional Advisor, we can help you set up QuickBooks or other accounting software. Software upgrades and help with changes in software features is available. Finally, one-on-one training for new personnel or bookeepers can be arranged.


Coordinate choice of business entity

The choice of business entity (proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.) is potentially the most costly tax decision you can make. We can explain your choices and coordinate with your attorney.

Free Client Services Back to contents

1.  Notary

2.  Secure web portal

       - Your private, password protected web page where you can:

              Access copies of tax returns, financial statements, source documents

              Upload and download files (Quickbooks, etc.) and documents

3.  Loan amortization schedules

4.  Electronic filing

5.  Referrals to other professionals

       - We NEVER receive perks or other considerations from the individuals and businesses we refer



         Investment advisors

         Payroll services

         Retirement plan services